Sunday, April 24, 2016

Linen Love

I've actually managed to make a garment that is not from a knit fabric! I admit I love the ease and super comfiness of knit garments, but I'm really trying to branch out. I recently purchased this grey slub linen at JoAnn Fabrics for $23.00 (after a sale and my ASG discount). The pattern is a Patty Reed design from Simplicity patterns, #1543. I made the small which encompasses sizes 10 & 12 without any alterations. The fabric was a dream to sew even with a slight tendency to stretch. 

What drew me to this pattern is the prodigious use of topstitching. I thought this might be especially wonderful on a 100% linen fabric, and I was right! I recently purchased a Craftsy video by Janet Pray called Advanced Industry Techniques from which I have learned loads. One tip she gives is to use a wooden point turner to "press" without an iron. This technique came in handy when I was trying to prepare the drawstrings. They started out as 1" wide and the pattern instructed to fold each in half once and then fold the raw edges to the fold, resulting in a 1/4" wide piece. I used the iron to press the drawstrings in half and then used my wooden pointer to "press" the other raw edges to the inside. This saved my poor fingers from being singed to pieces. Of course, not all fabrics would respond to this treatment as easily as linen, but it's certainly a good trick to have up one's sleeve (no pun intended!). 

I love the way this garment floats around my body, making it the perfect foil to skinny jeans (which I didn't make) and booties. As the weather warms, I may wear it with leggings and sandals. The stitching is the star here so I've kept my accessories to a minimum - one nice pendant and a statement watch. 


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