Monday, September 19, 2016

Sewist's Log

When I got back into sewing again, I wanted a way to document my garments that was easy to both create and access. The perfect recording system would allow me to recollect what the fabric looked like and the cost, along with other pertinent details. I've done pretty well keeping up with the documentation and enjoy looking back to see what I've accomplished over the year. I've attached a downloadable PDF if you'd like to give my system a try.

You can see where I've added a comments section where I'll record anything I think might help me if I decide to make something similar, any problems I encountered or where I purchased the fabric. I keep a glue stick handy and attach a scrap of the fabric, too.

I place everything in a 3-ring binder that lives among my sewing things - ready to grab at the completion of my garments.

How do you document your sewing adventures?


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